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About the DJ

Passion & Experience

DJ Depta and his team are passionate DJ's looking forward to hosting, performing and DJing your next event. Through years of experience, you can have confidence that him and his team are well versed, experienced, educated DJ's that know how to read the crowd, professionally host your event and get everyone moving and dancing. Don't be fooled by those fancy looking websites, expensive DJ companies online who say they offer the best service around. Remember, "quality over quantity." Just because they say they offer impressive services or have a fancy looking website, that doesn't necessarily mean they will do a good job for your event. A good and experienced DJ is vital for your memorable event. Always choose a genuine, experienced DJ and DJ company over the over priced, over the top, flashy companies. 


Chris is a veteran southern New England DJ with 15+ year of experience. Chris has continuously created unforgettable memories for weddings, private parties, corporate events, private events, etc. Chris and his team of DJ's are well rounded in all music genre's. On top of his experience, Chris works with the largest DJ manufacturing, Professional DJ software, state-of-the-art DJ lighting and live sound companies in the world. These companies consist of Numark, Denon DJ, Rane, Serato, Virtual DJ, MARQ LightingAlto Professional and more. You can have confidence that he certainly knows his industry and will provide you with top notch, professional entertainment!